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About Us

Family Practice

Florida Advanced Medicine was established with a goal to provide more comprehensive care for our patients. Adamant on providing better, more personalized care to their patients than what traditional medical systems allow, the founding physicians understand the difference that quality patient care makes. The goal at Florida Advanced Medicine is to pay attention to what is most important, our FAMily, the patients we serve. 

We are board certified family physicians, with extensive training in the hospital and rehabilitation settings. We accept most commercial insurance plans to serve your needs. In addition, we offer a membership model, which gives a VIP experience to our patients, allowing for lengthy visits, priority scheduling and access to an on site pharmacist to help navigate the complex medications prescribed in healthcare. 

The backbone of our approach to medicine is to focus on lifestyle modifications. We feel that most chronic conditions can be well managed or even reversed if we implement the proper interventions. We teach eating patterns, nutrition optimization, stress reduction techniques along with enhancing the gut microbiome. We focus on decreasing chronic inflammation and finding the root cause of disease to help you achieve longevity.   

Our Doctors


Abbas Rizvi, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine. While completing his family medicine residency in New Jersey, he always knew his goal was to bring his services back to his hometown of Kissimmee, FL. He focuses on fostering long term relationships with his patients and prioritizes lifestyle modifications to help reverse chronic medical conditions. He has 10 years of experience as an academic teaching attending and hospitalist. Dr. Rizvi has been on the front lines during the Covid Pandemic and is here to make a difference,  proudly serving his community in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Rizvi is a leader in preventive care, focusing his expertise on optimized wellness through lifestyle intervention. He has released his first publication addressed to people who want to lose weight, optimize their wellbeing and reverse metabolic syndrome.  


His new book, Fasting As Medicine: Lifestyle Modifications to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, provides you with some simple solutions that will help you conquer insulin resistance, while simultaneously help you lose weight and reverse chronic disease. 

Why choose Florida Advanced Medicine?

Attention to detail


Most healthcare systems, although very large, make their patients feel like a number. ​

Our mission is to provide distinguished care, focusing on details and never rushing our members. We can accomodate extended visits to answer all of your questions and concerns. We teach nutrition and lifestyle modifications to help you take control of your health. 

We have on staff pharmacist to help you simplify and thoroughly understand your medications. If indicated we can perform pharmacogenomic testing to optimize your personalized medication regimen.


Our in-house medication dispensary provides convenience to our members.

If you need rejuvenation, we offer IV hydration therapy. Vitamin infusion tailored and compounded by our pharmacist to help you get back on your feet.

In cases of emergency, our doctors are well trained in hospital medicine, and can continue to manage your care during a hospital or rehab stay. We help you navigate the healthcare system, and are by your side the entire time.

Healthcare Blog

Twice a month, we highlight one disease state and provide up to date patient education for our members to review and learn from. Everything from screening guidelines, to improving quality of life. We aim to keep you informed on health care. 

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