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School and Sports Exam

The Florida Department of Health may require students undergo School Entry Health Exams. Preparticipation screening of athletes is customary medical practice in many high schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. 

Student Athlete

School Entry Health Exam

According to the Florida Department of Health, school entry requires a health examination by  legally qualified professional. Additional requirements may be determined by local school districts.

At Florida Advanced Medicine, we complete required school forms, and review the student's medical history, along with a detailed medical evaluation. Some age groups require comprehensive visual assessment, dental examination and hearing screening. 

Tuberculosis risk assessment may be indicated by your local school district.

Preparticipation Screening of Athletes

The American Heart Association Recommends cardiovascular history and physical examination of student athletes. 

We recommend screening of student athletes as part of a comprehensive sports preparticipation physical evaluation. The focus of cardiovascular screening is to provide medical clearance for participation in competitive sports through routine and systemic evaluations. 

The goal is to identify clinically relevant and pre-existing heart abnormalities. This helps in reduction of risks associated with organized sports. 

Screening includes careful personal and family history  along with a comprehensive physical examination to identify at risk students or athletes. Preparticipation screening should be performed and mandatory for all athletes. 

Cardiovascular risk is increased in students with family history of premature death, family history of heart disease in surviving relatives, or significant disability from heart disease in close relatives younger than age 50. 

Increased risk is determined if students have a personal history of heart murmur, high blood pressure, excessive fatigue, syncope and collapse, excessive shortness of breath with activity, or chest pain or discomfort, particularly with exertion.

Let us screen for pre-existing conditions and clear your student athlete prior to participating in organized sports.

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